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Why is SEO important?

The ultimate aim of Search Engine Optimisation, or "SEO", is to help the major search engines understand what your website is about so they can display it to internet users who have searched for related terms, or "keywords". Based on the search term that the search engine user types in, search engines try to understand a searcher’s intentions and display the websites that will best offer the product they're looking to buy, solve their problem, answer their questions, or offer what they are looking for in general.

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SEO simply stands for "Search Engine Optimisation".

As the owner of any website, you need to help Google to know when to display your site in the results of someone’s Google search. Through SEO, you perform processes and actions that in turn help Google, and all the other major search engines, know exactly what your website offers and why it's a reputable resource offering information that potential visitors will find helpful. Ultimately, creating well-written website content and adding relevant links to your site will help Google associate your website with the most common search terms people may use to find a website like yours. If you do it correctly, Google will then match your website with your customers so the people you really want to find your website will do so!

A cheesy slice of pizza
Imagine you own a pizza restaurant; you want people to be able to find your business when they want pizza!

Let’s say that an internet user wants to find a local pizza delivery restaurant nearby to where they live, and that you own just such a pizza joint. Google wants to help that user find you, because you're the most likely website and business that will be able to help the user. When first starting out in the world of online marketing a lot of people think that their website is effectively a needle in a haystack, but if you spend time writing fresh content and promoting your business online, you will be helping search engines understand what your website is about and reinforcing that your site is a quality, relevant place for people to be pointed towards. There are many, many other facets of SEO that you can throw yourself into, but ultimately if you continue to follow the basic practices of generating good, quality web content Google and other search engines will start displaying your site higher up on relevant Search Engine Results Pages (also called SERPs) over time, and there is no substitute for that!

We are always here to help you with your SEO, whether you just don't have the time to focus on it as much as you'd like to or you don't feel you have the technical know-how just yet! Get in contact with us now to see how we can help your website rank more highly on search engines.

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