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What are your Social Media Marketing plans for 2019?

The new year is well underway and we're already racing towards the Roaring Twenties! Whether you're a brand new SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) or a well-established company, you should always revisit your digital marketing plans at least once a year.

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Social Media should feature heavily in your plans for 2019

Social media has become a vital component of any business marketing plan. It's no longer enough just to have a Facebook page sat idly doing nothing in the background.; potential clients and customers expect to see a regular flow of content through multiple social media channels. So, if you haven't yet done so, get your LinkedIn company page built, sign up for Instagram, and get Tweeting already!

Once you've set up your pages, you need to start scheduling interesting and engaging content that your followers will want to read, share and like. Knowing when to schedule posts for optimum reach and engagement is something of an art form and can differ greatly from industry to industry, but using things like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics can help you learn about when & how your following likes to engage with your content. Play around with different types of content (different subject matter, imagery, videos etc.) and regularly revisit your insights or analytics tools to see what's working the best for your business.

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Targeting a specific audience can help you achieve greater results

Once you've started to learn which types of content are working well for your company, you can now start trying to narrow down your audience and reach people who are truly interested in what you have to say.

For example, if you're a tradesperson working in the North London area then it's all well and good someone from a village in Mozambique seeing your post about boiler servicing, but it's not likely to bring you any business any time soon. Use targeting options to narrow down your posts' potential audiences, and get really specific with the types of people you're looking for. This is especially important if you decide to try paid advertising on social media, as you don't want to waste your ad spend on mainly irrelevant reach!

Lastly, remember that social media marketing is a long game, not a quick buck. Be ready to spend weeks & months writing and scheduling content, and you *will* see results in the end. If you're having trouble to find the time or confidence to manage your own social media campaigns then we are always here to help, so just get in touch with us today and we can talk about what you'd like to achieve on social media in 2019.

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