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What are the top 5 Social Media Platforms for Business in 2019?

There's no doubting that social media can be a powerful tool to help your business grow. Whether you want to sell more products, raise brand awareness, or simply connect with people who are interested in what you do, social media is the place to be! But where exactly should you be placing your efforts? We rank the top 5 social media platforms for business in 2019 below:

Social media icons
It's vital to be present in the right places online.

1) Facebook

That's right, good old Facebook is still THE place to be if you want to have your business seen by as many people as possible. In a recent study, a whopping 70% of UK business-to-customer businesses reported having successfully acquired customers through Facebook. It's estimated that 2.1bn people use Facebook or Facebook Messenger each day, making it still by far the most-used social media platform worldwide. You can market your business organically (i.e for free) by producing content on your business page, or you can take advantage of Facebook Ads and pay for advertising space. Whether your business goals are traffic generation, brand awareness or online conversions, Facebook should make a big difference if you can use it to promote your business correctly!

2) Instagram

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg saw enough potential in Instagram that he laid down a cool $1bn to purchase it just a year and half into it's life! Because of this, Instagram has access to the same extensive user-base and advertising platforms as Facebook. However, it works in quite a different way. Firstly, Instagram is imagery-driven, and every post MUST include a pic. This can be great for businesses selling physical products, especially if you've had some killer product photography done! With an estimated 1bn users, it's less than half that of Facebook but still cannot be ignored. In short, Insta is a great option both for businesses with an advertising budget and those without.

A girl using Instagram on her phone
Instagram now passed the 1bn-user landmark.

3) Pinterest Sometimes overlooked, Pinterest is having something of a comeback in 2019. If your business falls within any sort of creative industry then Pinterest is a social media platform you should definitely want to focus on! With 175m monthly active users it doesn't hold a candle to Facebook or Instagram in terms of numbers, but it does offer some important points of difference. 93% of active "pinners" said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, with 87% also saying they’ve bought something because of what they saw on Pinterest. Lifestyle-type businesses such as furniture companies, caterers or wedding planners would likely find Pinterest their prime social media platform.

4) YouTube

YouTube has 1.3bn monthly active users, giving your business the chance to share videos wither over 30 million daily active users. It also has the advantage of being owned by the largest search engine in the world, Google. Because of this YouTube has access to Google's own advertising solution, Google Ads, and you can use this to your advantage if you decide to run paid YouTube ads. It also mimics it's parent company in as much as you're able to optimise your video's descriptions with keywords to help users find your company's videos. Therefore, without needing to spend extra money on advertising budgets you can give your YouTube videos higher search rankings by including the searched keywords in your video's title, description and actual list of keywords in YouTube's keywords tool.

A woman with YouTube behind her.
YouTube is a great place to visually showcase your products.

5) LinkedIn

This was a close call between LinkedIn, Twitter and SnapChat, but we've gone for the former because if your business follows a B2B model or targets potential customers based on their job titles etc. then LinkedIn can be the most powerful social media platform for you. LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users, and because it's considered to be "for business" people often include more accurate information about their current employer, job role, contact email addresses etc. than they do on "for pleasure" platforms such as Twitter.

That brings our review of the top 5 social media platforms for business in 2019 to an end. We should add that results can vary greatly from industry to industry, and that there is still very much a place for the likes of Twitter even though it doesn't feature in this list. Remember, if you'd like any help using social media to promote your business then just get in contact with us and we'll be happy to discuss the options!

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