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Is Email Marketing still worthwhile since GDPR came into effect?

The short answer to this question is undeniably "yes". In fact, depending on how a business collected it's email mailing list in the years leading up to GDPR, it may actually have had no effect on things whatsoever.

A laptop with a GDPR button on the keyboard
GDPR does not have to spell the end of your email marketing campaigns.

GDPR has become something of a "scare" term in 2018, with many organisations struggling to understand what GDPR-compliancy requires, and five months on there are businesses of all sizes who are still unsure whether they're fully compliant.

One of the areas of online marketing that people assumed would be affected the most post-GDPR was email marketing. In fact, email may actually have turned out to be one of the least affected elements of digital marketing since the GDPR deadline passed in May. Why would that be? Well, in short, much of what GDPR has looked to enforce could (and should) have been best-practice for online marketing for years now. Yes, GDPR has put an end to automatic opt-ins for email mailing lists, but the best email marketers out there will have been requesting that subscribers positively opt-in anyway. If everyone who's already on your email marketing list actively wants to be on your said list, then why should GDPR seek to remove any of these people from it? All you need to do is collect and keep the evidence which proves that they have opted in; this is all that's required for GDPR compliance when it comes to building email marketing lists!

A woman using a laptop to read emails
Your mailing list should only include people who actively want to receive your emails.

Keep in mind that even under GDPR, you don't necessarily need anyone's specific permission to send any particular email marketing campaign to them. For example, if you have an existing business relationship with someone (customers, suppliers, clients etc.) then you are still permitted to send that person an email to promote your other products or services. Just ensure that every email you send contains a link to let people easily unsubscribe your your mailing list should they decide they no longer want to receive email communications from you.

In summary, of course everyone should be aware of GDPR, but don't fear it! It's there to stop spamming and other unhelpful practices, not to stop genuine email marketing taking place. Email marketing is sometimes an overlooked area of digital marketing, but should actually be much higher on most marketer's to-do lists.

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