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How to drive engagement on Facebook, without using paid ads!

If Social Media is a minefield for you, and you don’t want to pay for Facebook ads, just remember we are always here to help! If you want to continue to enhance your social media marketing skills, read on for our top tips to drive engagement on your Facebook Page without spending a penny on ads...

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Facebook can be a great unpaid source of customer engagement.

Facebook Insights

The Facebook Insights tool allows you to learn more about the demographics and behaviour of your users, and figure out exactly which types of content appeals to which segments of your audience. It also tells you the best times and days to posts based on your audience's activity!

Ask & Answer

Asking questions is a great place to start when trying to increase engagement with any social media following; people just love to share what they know! Your social media engagement will really take off when you're able to inspire discussion and debate, all the while having it take place within your own social media pages. Promptly and thoroughly answering any questions posed by followers is absolutely crucial too. This establishes you as a resource for future queries, and adds to the overall discussion.

Interactive Content

Focusing on content that encourages user involvement is a must. Popular ways to do this include polls, quizzes and competitions. These methods will not only add some variety to your usual content and posts, but also generate engagement as people play along or respond to your content.


Video content is becoming an essential for all businesses, and is the fastest growing segment of social media. Videos vastly increase overall engagement, and are also most likely to boost your social media audience. Today, internet users spend less time reading today than they ever have before. Instead people are hungry to watch videos that educate and inform them on many different topics. Whether funny, educational, or promotional in their nature, including videos as part of your strategy opens up your reach to an entirely new demographic. Having a lot of followers is one thing, but having those followers actively engaging on your pages is really the battle we should all be fighting.

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