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Google AdWords became Google Ads; but what else changed?

Google recently changed the name of it's market-leading pay-per-click advertising platform from AdWords, which it had been named since it's launch way back in 2000, to simply "Google Ads".

What's in a name though, right..? In this blog I'm going to highlight some other recent changes to the Google Ads experience.

Google search page ready for use
Google Ads is a great way to raise your business' visibility on one of the most-used search engines.

1) Beware - Suggestions now auto-apply!

Google's PPC platform has always been intuitive and helpful in suggesting new ad text that may work well for your campaigns. This pops up as a notification in your Ads account, which seems innocuous enough. Previously, if you took no action, the suggestion would just remain dormant for you to come back to later if you choose. However, recently the system has changed and suggested new Ad Text is now automatically applied to your campaigns by default 14 days after the notification. The sceptics out there will see this as Google looking to increase your spend, but their intentions may actually be more innocent than that. Another issue to be aware of is that this automatically-generated ad text may inadvertently be incorrect or misleading. We're a little surprised that Google opted to make auto-applying these changes the default setting. Regardless, you can change the settings in your account so that these suggestions no longer auto-apply.

2) Google Ads is now fully integrated with Google Sheets

If you aren’t currently using the Google Chrome browser, you'll need it to run the Google Sheets plugin. Though this new mode is currently still in Beta, anyone can download it and use it today so give it a whirl and see what you think.

To find it, follow this link: Google Sheets Beta AdWords Integration. Simply install the free-of-charge plugin to your Google Sheets account, and you can then start producing reports.

A man writing notes on a pad
Note-keeping process for Google Ads just got a whole lot easier!

3) You can now make notes in Google Ads

This may just be the most useful recent update to the platform. Notes basically allow you to add written text to your changes, giving context and reasoning as to why you made the change. Notes can be added at account, campaign and ad group levels. So many PPC marketers operate a separate note-keeping process for the changes they make to Google Ads, so this could be a great time-saver for a lot of people.

This is also a great tool to use if you have multiple people, or outside parties, managing Google Ads for you. You will now have context to understand what changes were made and why, and so you don’t forget what actions have been taken. Conversely, if you manage Google Ads accounts for your clients, this is a great way to help them understand the changes you've been making and the reasons behind them.

So there you have it; three new features that could all help to increase your paid visibility on Google.

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